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Induction heating is our focus. RDO Enterprises was founded in 1989 as a manufacturers representative company centered on offering manufacturing technology (induction heating equipment) and components to the U.S. Eyeframe industry. One of the key pieces of technology offered during this time was induction heating power supplies used primarily for brazing metal eyeglass frames.

Through this initial partnership and various partnerships since then, RDO Enterprises has evolved into a full service distributor of Induction Heating technology, cutting tools and miniature screw machine components with a primary focus in Induction Heating.

Our mission is to provide our customers with superior products and support for their induction heating requirements. From the initial phase of an application evaluation, our expert sales and engineering staff will give the customer a working knowledge of induction heating technology and how it can be applied to their application. Once an application is identified, customers are encouraged to send their parts for testing in our labs for final justification. Testing is typically provided at No Charge to the customer and we will normally provide the tested parts along with a video of the test for customer review.

From the strength of our partnerships, RDO Enterprises is able to deliver custom solutions and superior technology without having to pay a superior price.

We specialize in:

Induction Heating Equipment Induction Heating

Induction Heating offers a controllable and localized method of heat without contact to the parts (components) being heated.

Brazing Equipment Brazing and Soldering Equipment

Induction brazing and soldering are processes that take advantage of induction heating ability to deliver rapid localized heating to a particular region of a part.

Induction Casting Induction Casting - Melting Equipment

Induction Casting Equipment for the Dental, Jewelry and Industrial Casting Trades.

Carbide tools Metric Carbide Tools (specializing in Saw Blades)

We distribute Precision Carbide Disk Saws & Tools for Tommasin s.a., a leading European producer of Carbide Tools.

Swiss Screw Machine Precision Swiss Screw Machine Products

We offer SPC Precision Produced Components.

Fastner thread lock coatings Fastener Thread Lock Coatings

Miniature Fastener Thread Coating (STATITE Thread Lock Process).

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